Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yi xin vegetarian food

It's exactly 7 days to CNY 2010. This yr, the cny ''feel'' and atmosphere is quite low and it's getting weaker over the years. Im not looking forward to this new yr as there are just too many unpleasant things taking placing this yr. Well, it's time to do some spring cleaning at home. Thus, i intend to use this wk to clean up my house, decorate it and throw away the unwanted rubbish. From Mon(8/2/2010)nowards, my post would not be all on vegetarian restaurants but a mixture of organic foods, sandwich bars and others. Im getting sick of eating vegetarian food ... :/

Yi xin vegetarian (39 TEMPLE ST)

It's just located beside Yum cha Restaurant and once you enter the shop, u can see the big signboard. There is also a separate corner that sells organic stuffs. Since cny is ard the corner, they do sell some cny goodies.

I snapped a picture of their shop when i enter and the auntie was quite displeased. I wanted to take a look at the menu and order some food. The auntie was quite rude and asked me whether i want to take photos or order food. I was quite unhappy with her behaviour and told her i want to order food.

I ordered:

Sweet and sour mushrooms ($7)
Stir fry veggie with tofu ($7)

The presentation of the food is quite well done. There were abt 10 mushrooms balls (which looks like giant pork balls) cooked in honey sweet sauce. The mushrooms balls were huge and i think it's made from soy products, chestnuts and mushrooms. It was served with some organic side salad.The portion is huge and i could hardly finish.

Stir-fryied veggie with tofu

There were 6 pcs of tofus and it's not the soft and silken version. The texture is slightly rough and there were carrots, mushrooms, black fungus and other stuffs in the tofu. It was quite good though. The veggie is simple and lightly fried.

The food here is generally good and the presentation is well done. The restaurant is a little stuffy and warm. When i finished my food, the auntie came and ''lecture'' me, not to take photos without permission. Well, i would take note of that but her attitude was bad from the moment i enter the shop. Thus, i would never step in again.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cedele- Totally Veggie Sandwich

Cedele Wheelock Place

I always believe that cedele served wholesome, organic and healthy food. Their food is trans-fat free as they believe in providing the customers with delicious healthy food of highest quality and integrity.

The wheelock place branch is one of the busiest and many people often complain about the service here. Perosnally, i prefer the branch at Ngee ann city as the menu is quite different from the rest and it is much quieter there.

I ordered the Totally veggie sandwich($11.50++), as recommended by the staff there. There is a choice of ciabatta, mixed grains, wholemeal or pumpkin bread available. I had the mixed grain. The sandwich took abt 10 mins to arrive. The patty consist of grilled lentils & tofu, spinach dashed with roast beetroot red onion. The texture of the patty is nutty and fragrant with the lentils and mixed spinach. Underneath the patty, the roast beetroot onion was a surprise! It taste a tinge of sour and sweetness- definately something interesting! For those who loves nut or beans products would love this. Hmm... i would be back to try the other versions of the sandwiches.

The service here is generally ok, prompt and efficient. However, when i was about to leave the place, i saw a long q outside and nobody even bother to attend to the customers waiting outside!

* Ps. Cedele home-made cookies is awesome! especially the Nigella Curry Pumpkin. There were black sesame seeds in it.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Nature vegetarian & catering

Nature Vegetarian & catering

There are 3 vegetarian restaurants along the same block. This restaurant is the busiest and had the most customers. The other 2 restaurants- Vegetarian Villas & Vegetarian Pureland seemed to be very quiet.

Nature vegetarian & catering do provide ala-carte dishes, mixed rice and tim sums other than vegetarian catering. Most of the customers order their vegetarian mixed rice which had a variety of dishes.

I was undecided of what to order since there are so many choices available. The auntie was very helpful and assisted me. She recommended me some of the popular dishes. I ordered the stir-fry naibai and deep-fried mixed veg roll.

The dishes came pretty fast. The vegetables were well stir-fried, not too oily or salty and i can find some carrot shreds and mushrooms in it.

Mixed veg roll

This is the mock ''ngoh hiang''. I think it is made of soy bean products, black fungus, carrotS & Water chestnuts as i can chew on some crunchy stuffs . Not bad and taste even better if u dip in chilli sauce.

The service here is good and they even receive the Service star award. They provide vegetarian catering. Thus, if u r a vegetarian and require catering, please check on their website :

Fatty Cheong's Char Siew

I read the blog on Ieatishootipost and found this good char siew stall in ABC brickworks market. Their char siew meat is made from the ''pig armpit''.
This is the part between the shoulder and belly and so the meat is nicely layered like belly meat. The meat here is tender and springy at the same time and really full of flavour. Th meat is nicely roasted and i can see the charred corners.

This stall is highly recommended by I eatishootipost.
For more information, pls click:

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Loke Who Yuen Vegetarian Restaurant

Ti's another vegetarian restaurant. Hmm... i think i would became a vegetarian very soon.

Loke Who Yuen, PRONNOUNCE as Liu He Yuan in mandarin is an old vegetarian restaurant in Singapore. It is popular with nuns and monks and especially during the 1st and 15th day of the lunar month. This traditional vegetarian restaurant had been there for a very long time and very few people knew them.

The interior is quite cosy and probably fit around 10 tables. Since this is a vegetarian restaurant, they have some sculture of buddha and played some buddhist songs.

Menu is simple, with some chef's specialities. I had the Golden coin beancurd and stir-fry caixin.The food came pretty fast.

Golden coin beancurd

Beancurd cut into round shapes resembling golden coins, lightly stir-fry with sweet peas, sweetcorns an button mushrooms. The button mushrooms were huge and chewy to bite. The tofu is pretty simple, nth special.

Stir-fry caixin

I have tried several places with stir-fry caixin. However, i think that they did it quite well. The caixin remained it's full flavour after the simple blanching. The leaves were withered and wasn't oily. I like this.

Overall, this vegetarian restaurant serve pretty good dishes. That could be why they are able to survive for so long.

After lunch, i went to Tiong Bahru plaza, by foot. ThE weather these days were terrible! The intensity of the heat from the sun is making me dizzy and sweating profusely. I bought some clothes from PepperPlus as they are having some promotions. As i could not stand the weather any longer, i went back home after that, stayed in my room and enjoyed the air-con and watched movies!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fu Lin Xuan VegetariAn Restaurant

2nd Visit

There's only 1 vegetarian restaurant that is around the vicinity of JB thus this is my second visit.

Due to the experience that i had last week, i asked them to reduce the oil and salt in my dishes. I was afraid that i would suffer from high blood pressure if i continue to consume salty food.

Stir-fry baby kailan

A simple dish with shreds of ginger in it. As vegetarian food does not contain onions or garlic, they used ginger to replace it. This time, the vegatables were not oily and the kailan wasn't hard and diffcult to chew.

Sweet and sour meatball

The meatballs were made from mushrooms thus there's a chewy texture and nice fragrant of mushroom in it. The meatballs were stir-fry in sweet and sour sauce but there's a tinge of spiciness in it. I like anything that is sweet and sour thus this is good.

I chat with the person in charge of this restaurant and shared my experiences on vegetarian food with him. He would also visit some of the vegetarian restaurants in Singapore, perhaps to seek for areas of improvements? I also gave him my blog so he can check on some of the vegetarian restaurants that i've visited .

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ming De Vegetarian Food

Oops... again another vegetarian restaurant. Well,i fell in love in vegetarian food as they are ''healthier'' in some ways. Mock meats are used to replace meat/ seafood.

Ming De vegetarianis a new restaurant and i found it from a SUNNY veggie foodhunt. It's located at kitchener complex, king's george ave, a rather secluded place.
It is a small vegetarian restaurant that offers cizhar dishes and mixed rice. However, there are more people who come here for take-aways. The restaurant is non-aircon thus it was rather stuffy inside.

Menu is simple with very few dishes. I prefer mock meats made from mushrooms/ soy protein rather than flour/gluten. I ordered the stir-fry caixin and sweet and sour fish. I just love anything that is sweet and sour! It whets my appetite.

Stir-fry caixin ($5)

A rather big portion for one pax. At least the vegetables aren't oily.

Sweet and sour fish

Mock fish made from soy proteins. There's altogether 6 pcs of mock fish cooked in sweet and sour sauce with pineapple cubes and tomatoes. I feel that they used too much tomato sauce and sugar thus it was too sweet for me.

Overall, the food is just passable. Not exactly recommended to people who are in search of very good vegetarian food.

After lunch, i walked to city square mall to get something from watsons. There's promotions in watsons and every $30 spent entitles to a lucky scatch card and for the first 2000 shoppers who spent above $120 would get a free styler for hair. Furthermore, for those who spent above $88 in City square mall would get a free scatch card. I won a free eco-chopsticks... cool:)

After my shopping, i walked to little india area to get some vegetables. There's an indian stall just opposite tekka market that is so crowded with people thus i went there to take a look. No wonder there's so many people! The vegetables are cheaper than other places. I bought a few items and then took a bus home.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Su Shi Piao Xiang

Some of us would know that Fortune Centre is well-known for vegetarian food.
There are quite a number of vegetarian food here- on the first , second level and 4th level. You would have difficulty in deciding which shop to have ur food if you are the 1st time here.

Su Shi Piao Xiang ( Level 2)

Very obvious when u reach the second level. There would be lots of people having lunch/brunch especially during the 1st and 15th day of the lunar calendar. Reason being- the food is cheap and portion is generous.

The menu is placed on the table, simply just take a look at the menu and the pictures pasted on the walls. Repeated customers do not even need to see the menu.
The boss there is very friendly and would recommend you some dishes if you are undecided.

I ordered:

1X stir-fried nai bai($4)
1X Gu Lao Rou - Sweet and sour pork($6)

The nai bai comes in a big portion and it's not oily at all.

Sweet and sour pork

The mock pork is made from soy protein and cooked in sweet and sour sauce with pineapple chunks, cucumbers and tomatoes. Again, big portion.

Generally the food here is quite acceptable. The food is cheap and portion is huge. I asked the boss why the portion given is huge and he smiled & replied :'' it's ok, as long as ur tummy is full!''. Well, it's true.

CNY IS around the corner and bugis area is crowded with people. Can get some groceries here at bargain prices.